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St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

No, they are not green.  But they do have Guinness, whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream in them.  These are not cupcakes for the faint of heart.  These are real, stick to your ribs, extraordinarily rich cupcakes.

St. Patrick’s Day was the 2 year anniversary of the company I work for.  And 3 of my co-workers have birthdays in March.  So we decided to celebrate all of these events with the 1st ever, national Focused Energy bake-off.  I think I gained 5 pounds that day.  There was a red velvet cake, tiramisu and my cupcakes.  It might not sounds like a lot, but I only work with 7 other people and 2 of them were not in that day!  There were lots of left overs, so it was a sugar filled week!

These cupcakes are fussy.  There are many steps and it takes awhile to get these together.  But the finished product is so worth it.  First you make the cupcakes.

Yes, my cupcakes fell.  But!  its not a big deal, because the next step is to cut out the middle of the cupcakes and fill it with a chocolate, whiskey ganache.  This ganache takes the cupcakes totally over the top, in a good way…

And then to top them off, a butter cream icing with Bailey’s.  Its totally ridiculous!

Oh yeah, and these cupcakes are really not good for you….

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Non-Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have a sweet tooth.  A big sweet tooth.  I’ve gotten better about not keeping sweets in the house (not as much as I would like at least).  But that doesn’t stop me from baking when the sweet tooth is calling.  And these cupcakes have it all – a bit of chocolate, cream cheese icing – with cinnamin!, buttermilk, sugar.  What more could you ask for??

So today, when I left work early, and the snow was coming down….

I decided it was a great time to make these cupcakes, again.  And they are delicious.  And easy to make.  It can’t get better.

Except I realized I did not have cupcake liners, so it made it a little bit messier afterwards.  But believe me, just as delicious.  Usually red velvet cupcakes use food coloring.  It doesn’t change the flavor so I left it out.  One thing to make sure to use is the cinnamon in the frosting.  Amazing.

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