Notes From a Cookbook

My mom (pictured here) is a great cook.  We don’t necessarily share the same taste in food though – she eats meat for one, she does not eat avocado (blashphemy), she doesn’t like blue cheese, she’s not a fan of marmalade and these are just some examples.  But we do share some favorites – chocolate – we both love chocolate among other things.  My mother is also a meticulous cook.  Her many, many cookbooks are scribbled all over with notes from each time she made that recipe.  Not only does she make notes about how she tweaked the recipes, but she will also talk about the weather and what else is going on in the world around her.

Unfortunately I have not been as meticulous with my cooking records.  Although I do have cookbooks in just about every corner of my house – I tend to use recipes that I find online more so than cookbooks.  And although I would love to print out each recipe I use so that I could make notes on it – I do not want to kill a forest.  So instead, I have decided to blog about it.  It might not be as romantic as keeping notes in cookbooks, but hopefully I will be able to keep this great tradition alive in a decidedly more modern way.

So here I will chronicle my cooking escapades – which tend to be messy but delicious.  I hope you enjoy!

(and a more recent picture of my mom and I)

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  1. Kate Altman

    You and Karen are the ADORABLE-EST. Two of my FAVE ladies ever!!!

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